SeAM is a Ministry Not an Agency

Southeast Area Ministries (SeAM) is a humanitarian, 501(c)(3) nonprofit Ministry

serving the needs of our Neighbors in response to God’s love to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • To provide emergency services to persons in crisis who need immediate assistance
  • To deliver assistance to clients in a compassionate manner that treats all persons with dignity regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnicity and cultural background
  • To always remain a Christ-centered Ministry


SeAM is a Vital Provider of Emergency Assistance In the Southeast Area of Houston, TX

  • Nearly 110,000 persons benefited from SeAM in 2020.
  • The quality and efficiency of SeAM is greatly enhanced by the service of 286 volunteers.

A Coalition of 20 Churches from Many Denominations Serving God’s Children

  • SeAM’s covenant churches work cooperatively to centralize humanitarian assistance and maximize family service outcomes.