Thrift Store

Closed because of Covid-19

to protect our staff, volunteers, and customers


 A Great Place to Shop! A Fun Place to Volunteer!

Bargains Galore · Wide Selections · Really Low Prices

 Regular Items

Clothing   ·    Shoes    ·    Electronics

Books   ·   House wares   ·   Linens

Hours of Operations: Monday – Saturday – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Address:  2006 Houston Blvd., [Hwy. 3, Galveston Rd.], South Houston, TX, 77587

(between College and Edgebrook)

Phone: 713-944-7405

Manger: Maria Aguilar

New Feature -- Boutique

SeAM Thrift Store Helps

-$9,374 worth of clothing and household goods was given to our neighbors in 2018.

-The Thrift Store generated revenue of $51,147 last year that was used to help SeAM clients.

-All merchandise is donated and most labor is done by volunteer

which contributes to the cost effectiveness of the Store.

What the Thrift Store Offers

A ladies dress, shoes and purse can be purchased for under $12!

It does a super job of stocking seasonal clothing as well as garments that can be worn year-round!

The Thrift Store is a fabulous place to buy gifts for people of all ages!

“My friend couldn’t believe I bought such a stunning dress for only $4.00.” Margorie

“I found some coveralls that I regularly use when doing my yard work and lounging around on weekends.” Sam          

“While browsing at the Thrift Store I saw a really nice toaster which I bought because ours had stopped working.” Julie